Made a song

2009-08-26 15:32:54 by Moo12321

Check it out, it was really quickly made but I'm happy with it. Still working on Galactic Conflict, you can find some progress on my deviantArt ( I might post more music, I have made some more before this but this one was the only one worth putting on NG. Check out the song here: /266539

More stuff

2008-09-15 20:43:40 by Moo12321

I gotta say, I learned A LOT from working on Galactic Conflict. I think its gonna be great. On the side note, I'm gonna audition for the all-state band on Saturday, I hope to get in.


2008-08-01 15:32:00 by Moo12321

Hey guys! I got some great news! While I was redoing my website (I forgot to tell ya about it :P) I made a cool revolving interface for it. I figured it would make a perfect interface for a unicycle game! A great game should be coming out soon! It will be called Revolution.

EDIT: Okay maybe not lol

Progress Update

2008-07-21 08:33:22 by Moo12321

Yeah I admit it, I didn't really get anything done these past two weeks. Due to what? I had my birthday on the 13th, two weekly classes, and two parties my mom threw without telling me about. The rest is mostly from my recent addiction to Team Fortress 2. I played Portal for about 2 days as well, its a great game but doesn't have very much replay value. I'm going to try and get back to work again. It may take a day, a week, or maybe longer, but I'll do it. :P

Planets and Warp

2008-06-13 17:24:51 by Moo12321 actic-Conflict-Warp-Footage-88470320

For my game, I added planets and a warp thing to get across the galaxy quickly.

Okay, a long time ago I said I'll make a game called Galactic Conquest and I didn't. Now I will, I think I finally have time to as it is summer. The game will be epic, and unlike the mouse avoider, it will be nearly bug-free, and I will take my time to make it good. Of course I will have to make my own soundtrack for it to get the perfect feel, and if it happens to be that anyone dislikes it, I'll put in a mute button.

Mouse Avoider Bugs

2008-06-11 09:48:31 by Moo12321

I'm aware of the following things in my mouse avoider, you don't have to tell me about them:
- Right-Click cheating
- Collisions do not work with certain people
- Jerking the mouse quickly lets you skip over obstacles

About the collision testing not working with some people, please comment if you have that problem, tell what browser you are using too. Thanks!

Mouse Avoider: Hype

2008-06-11 00:00:43 by Moo12321

Okay, remember a week ago I said I would release a game, maybe a mouse avoider? Well here it is! Enjoy!

About that game coming up

2008-06-05 13:56:59 by Moo12321

I already got 12 levels of it done. Its gonna be a mouse avoider, and its gonna have some things like missiles, and many things that other mouse avoiders don't have. I plan to have over 25 levels (26 of them, lol). If it does well I will make 25 more. As long as I can keep my motivation I think I can get the whole thing done by the next week. So expect it in 0-3 weeks.

Its been a while

2008-06-03 21:04:08 by Moo12321

Ok, its been a while since I last worked on the game. A long time... I'm sorry I couldn't get it released in time, if that really matters anyways (I am pretty much a Newgrounds Noobie so yeah...). Now that school is over, I have a lot more time to work on the game. Heres a gameplay video from an old version of the game ( RVIVAL-Gameplay-Video-80936708). I need some opinions. I would like to know what kind of game the general public likes. I already decided its going to be a space-themed 360-degree shooter. I just need to choose a gameplay type like an RPG, RTS (unlikely, unless many people vote for it), a survival game, deathmatch game, etc. Please comment with your opinion, and feel free to suggest another type.

Additionally, I predict that many Newgrounds users will be very surprised to see a (hopefully) great game, as a first submission from a random person with no reputation here. I have a feeling many will not believe it is my work. I am not sure how to make it believable, so I also need ideas for that. I made many partially completed projects (you can find them on my deviantArt). I may use them to make a game before I release this one. I want my first submission to be fantastic, but not to the point to where people would not believe I made it. So expect a simple game like a mouse avoider or something coming sometime too.